OOREP is free software (for details, see also the FAQ) and as such, everyone can check out its git repository, run or modify the code (so long as published modifications employ the same GPL license that OOREP does). That means, you do not have to pay in order to use OOREP or this web site.

However, we have decided to offer a subscription service with OOREP in the future, which lets users access further repertories that are currently not offered on this web site or in the git repository. (The repertories hosted on this site are not all considered part of the OOREP software; for details, again, see the FAQ)! The subscription fee will not have to be paid for using the OOREP software - it is free afterall - but for using the software installation on this very server with additional repertories and features that will require the registration and login of users. Stay tuned for updates!

As for the rationale: Renting the server, paying for a domain, and maintaining it is extra work besides the programming, and a paid subscription service will help compensate this a little in the future.

How this subscription service will look in detail and what additional features will be offered to subscribers, has not yet been decided. Right now, this site is developed exclusively as a spare time activity and things take time.

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Hinweis Disclaimer

Diese Hom├Âopathie-Website ist ausschlie├člich zu Informationszwecken gedacht. Sie ist nicht geeignet zur Selbstmedikation oder ersetzt den Besuch eines Arztes oder Apothekers. Die Wirksamkeit von Hom├Âopathie ist wissenschaftlich nicht bewiesen! Der Autor dieser Website ├╝bernimmt keine Verantwortung f├╝r die Richtigkeit der Ergebnisse oder die Folgen, die aus einem unsachgem├Ą├čen Gebrauch resultieren.

This homeopathy web site is intended for information purposes only. It is not suitable for self-medication or can replace the visit of a medical doctor/GP. Scientifically, homeopathy was never proven to actually work! The author of this web site does not take responsibility for the correctness of this sites' results or the consequences of misusing them.

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