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OOREP is an open online repertory for homeopathy. It is open, because its source code is freely available, it is online, because a running instance of it is served right here on this very server for your convenience. It is NOT some kind of medical recommendation system - please read the disclaimer below. Repertorisation is the looking up of homeopathic repertories, and as such this system does not provide any information, which you cannot obtain from its original sources. However, online repertorisation is so much easier sometimes than looking up the categories yourself.

A word from the author: OOREP was especially developed for people who study homeopathy, either professionally or as a hobby like I am. I am not making any money from developing this software or from a homeopathic practice of any sorts. As an interested layperson I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to get access to a good electronic repertorisation. Most homeopathic softwares are very expensive and intended to be used by people who make money by using them. For those of us who don't (or don't yet), like hobbyists or students, the access to these kinds of programs used to be very slim. With OOREP I intend to improve this situation somewhat. So I hope it is useful to others, too.


  • Free and open: you can use this server for free or download the source code and run your own
  • Platform-independent: all you need is a web-browser
  • Access to common and well-known homeopathic repertories
  • Very easy to use: only the essential features - no distractions
  • Search using wildcards, e.g., 'cough*, dry*'
  • Combine different repertories in a single case
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Hinweis / Disclaimer

Diese Homöopathie-Website ist ausschließlich zu Informationszwecken gedacht. Sie ist nicht geeignet zur Selbstmedikation oder ersetzt den Besuch eines Arztes oder Apothekers. Die Wirksamkeit von Homöopathie ist wissenschaftlich nicht bewiesen! Der Autor dieser Website übernimmt keine Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit der Ergebnisse oder die Folgen, die aus einem unsachgemäßen Gebrauch resultieren.

This homeopathy web site is intended for information purposes only. It is not suitable for self-medication or can replace the visit of a medical doctor/GP. Scientifically, homeopathy was never proven to actually work! The author of this web site does not take responsibility for the correctness of this sites' results or the consequences of misusing them.

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